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Ultrapitch (simplified) Mod for Numark PT01


This is a Simplified Ultrapitch Modification for the Numark PT01

Parts needed:
Resistor between 1k ohm and 2k ohm

-when the platter speed switch is set the 33rpm, the platter will spin at ~22rpm
-when the platter speed is set to 45rpm, the platter will spin at 33rpm
-this mod can only be done on newer (example 2014) PT01 turntables
-older models, such as circa 2006, have a different motor control circuit and require a different mod
-the new models have the orange potentiometer shown below, where the older models have a blue potentiometer
-download the “RPM – the turntable speed accuracy checker” iPhone app to test platter speed
-this mod came from a forum comment by Rasteri, which said “Replace VR1 with a 2K resistor and that lowers the 33RPM speed to about 20RPM”
-buy Dj Focus’ ultrapitch mod for full control, and to support the skratch community
-works with ultrapitch 7” records, such as skiratcha breaks from DJ A1

-Remove and Replace VR1
1. Unsolder the potentiometer in VR1

2a. Solder a resistor across the 2 pins shown in pic_1_replace_VR1. This picture shows a 2.2k ohm resistor in place of VR1. This results in a platter speed of ~20rpm, when the platter speed switch is set to 33rpm, and ~32rpm when set to 45rpm (varies between turntables).


-Alternate VR1 values
2b. It was found through test that a 960 ohm resistance across VR1 results in a clean 33rpm, when the platter speed switch was set to 45rpm. This resistance results in 22rpm, when the platter speed switch is at 33rpm. A 820 ohm and 150 ohm resistor were connected in series to achieve ~970 ohms. The resulting speed vs. resistance value depends a lot on the friction between the spindle and the platter. A value between 1k and 2k ohm should work great. see pic_2_replace_VR1_series


9 thoughts on “Ultrapitch (simplified) Mod for Numark PT01

  1. Great work on the ultrapitch research and mod! Thank you. Out of curiosity, what speed does the 78 setting play at?

    1. I didn’t test it. I was focussed on getting a clean 33rpm at the time.

      I don’t have that mod installed right now, so I can’t check. I’ll update the tutorial, if I re-install it.

    2. I just performed this mod and on 78 I’m getting 64.65 bpms. I used a 1k ohm 1/2 Watt resister from Radio Shack.

  2. How long does the rechargeable last?

    1. Depends on if you’re using the speaker or headphones. I usually only use headphones. I recharge mine every couple of weeks or so. I don’t use it for more than an hour a day.

  3. Hi guys. A noob here. Could I know what does the ultraptich do? Is this the same as the pitch control? I would like to use this turntable to beatmatch and I hope that I can get a very refine measurement. If I install the ultrapitch mod, does this give a more refine pitch control? I checked on the internet and the pitch is not very refined on the original knob. If not, is there a way we can have a more accurate pitch for beatmatching? Thanks

    1. Using the ultrapitch knob for beat matching would be challenging.

      I’m not aware of a mod that gives a accurate pitch control for beat matching.

    2. I am actually trying to do the same thing and have not been able to find any info on this. But i am planning on moding mine with a pitch slider so that i can adjust them and be able to see where the adjust ment is at. It seems a bit difficult with a knob. As far as accuracy goes…idk. I know i can at least have them calibrated to each other. I have not done this yet but will in the next week or so.

      1. You could use a slide potentiometer with the ultrapitch board, if you get the same impedance as the rotary knob that’s on there.

        A slider doesn’t make pitch control more accurate, though.
        A rotory knob will have the same accuracy, it’s just weird if you’re used to technics.

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