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3D Printed Tonearm Clip Install for Numark PT01

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Adds 3D Printed Tonearm Clip to the Numark PT01

Parts needed:
3D printed tonearm clip

-only for use with 3D printed tonearms

-Install 3D Printed Tonearm Clip
1. Remove white backing paper from tonearm clip
2. Stick 3D printed tonearm clip onto existing PT01 tonearm clip. Make sure the orientation of the 3D printed clip base matches the existing PT01 tonearm clip, before sticking (one side is round, one side is square)

6 thoughts on “3D Printed Tonearm Clip Install for Numark PT01

  1. where to buy 3D printed tone arm clip?

    1. They are included, when you order a tonearm.

      1. Hi i am going to order some mods from you. I just purchased a pt01 scratch. Was wondering which platter bar will i need? Also do i need a preamp if im going w/ a shure m447 on this thing? Thanks.

        1. I don’t have a scratch, yet. But yes, you need a preamp.

  2. Where can i buy all the accessories

    1. The clips come with the tonearms. I don’t sell them separately. Thanks.

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