Phono Preamp V2 Mod Kit


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Product Description

Phono Preamp Mod Kit for the Numark PT01USB, and PT01 Scratch

See the Phono Preamp Installation Guide for installation instructions.

See the Bass Kill Switch Wiring Guide for bass kill wiring instructions.

This phono preamp kit allows for the use of moving magnet phono cartridges (such as Shure M44-7) with the Numark PT01USB and PT01 Scratch turntable.
This preamp is custom designed to maximize the available output volume of the turntable.

Also included in this design is a Bass Kill high pass filter circuit, which can be enabled/disabled by the user.
The frequency cutoff of this Bass Kill circuit is tuned for skratching.
The filter removes the low frequency muddy bass produced by portable turntables, but leaves mid-frequency kick drums and skratch samples unaffected.

Kit includes:
-Phono Preamp PCB
-Bass Kill switch
-Bass Kill 4 pin female connector
-Mini flathead screwdriver (for green terminal blocks)
-Wire for connecting the power supply and audio output

-Wire for Bass Kill switch (24-28 awg wire is a good size)
-Soldering iron and solder
-See the installation guide for tool and soldering requirements
-The turntable must have a moving magnet cartridge installed. See the the Tonearm Installation Guide

-works with the PT01 Scratch using it’s standard wall power supply, or with the rechargeable battery mod
-works with PT01USB with the rechargeable battery mod (the standard wall supply is not good enough)
-recommended for use with the Shure M44-7, but also works with other moving magnet cartridges
-the non-USB version of the PT01 and Vestax Handytrax have not yet been tested
-the turntable front panel controls are still operational