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Platter Bar Install and Comparison

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How to Install Platter Bars for the Numark PT01

Parts needed:
platter bars
needle nose pliers

Optional Parts:
silicone grease

-there are at least 2 different platter heights for the PT01
-the older model, circa 2006, has a low platter height
-the newer model, circa 2014, has a high platter height
-one clear difference between models is that the belt holder attached to the motor is plastic on the 2006 model, and metal on the 2014 model

-Remove Platter
1. Use a pair of pliers to push off the spindle clip (see pic_1_remove_spindle_clip)


2. Push on one edge of the platter to raise the opposite edge

3. Lift the platter using the raised edge, and remove platter (see pic_2_remove platter)


-Install Platter bar
4. Remove white adhesive backing from platter bar (see pic_3_platter_bar_backing)


5. Place the wide edge of the platter bar flush against the turntable wall (see pic_4_place_platter_bar)


6. Cut or break off the 2 nubs on the bottom side of the platter (they have no functionality). This will stop the nubs from potentially hitting the platter bars. See pic_6_cut_nub


7. Reinstall the platter and platter clip.
a. wrap the turntable belt around the inner edge of the platter first
b. place the platter on the spindle, while pulling on the belt with one finger to keep tension
c. wrap the belt, which is being held with one finger, around the motor spindle
d. reinstall platter clip using pliers

8. Turn on the motor and let the platter spin. If the platter rubs on the the platter bars, push down hard on the platter and move it back and forth in a baby scratch motion. This will grind down the platter bar’s plastic housing. Turn on the motor again to see if the platter still rubs on the platter bars. Repeat until the platter stops rubbing on the platter bar during playback. See “How to Grind Down Platter Bars Video”, below:

How to Grind Down Platter Bars Video:

Platter Bar Comparison Video: