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3D Printed Tonearm Counterweight Adjustment

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How to Adjust the Counterweight for a 3D Printed Tonearm

Parts needed:
3D printed tonearm

-the scale used for test is a 5g (maximum) stylus scale, with 0.01g precision
-the sure m44-7 needle expects 3-5g of weight for optimal tracking and audio performance

-Check Weight of Needle
1. Check the weight of the needle using a stylus scale (first measured weight is at 3.48g, see video)

-Adjust Counterweight
2a. Increase the counterweight by removing tension from the counterweight rubber band. In this case, the rubber band moves from the inside position to the outside position to reduce tension (second weight is at 4.26g, see video).

2b. Tension can also be adjusted by using a rubber band of a different thickness, and also by stretching or releasing tension in the section of the rubber band between the base of the tonearm and the back of the tonearm