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loop 11

Another loop using the 2880:

Audio MP3

This one is using the MPC for drums (sampled into the SP1200 and filtered with the FM filter first), the Meeblip for the lead and counter lead (ran through the OTO Bisquit), and the little phatty for the drone bass/midrange sound. Everything is played live into the 2880 looper (except the drums). The 2880 was the MIDI master, and the MPC was the MIDI slave.

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Scratch Beats

A couple experimental beats:

5th Loop:

Audio MP3

6th Loop:

Audio MP3

These loops were both performed live using the Electro Harmonix 2880 looper. The drums were scratched live (one loop for the kick and snare, one loop for the ride). The synth sounds are all played live with the Meeblip synth. No edits and no effects.

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Custom LSDJMC2 for LSDJ

The LSDJMC2 was originally designed by Firestarter. More information about the functionality of the LSDJMC2 can be found on his site. LSDJMC2 stands for Little Sound DJ MIDI Converter (version 2). It’s a MIDI add-on for LSDJ and Nanoloop.

LSDJ and Nanoloop are Gamboy “games” that let you play the original gameboy like an 8-bit instrument. The LSDJMC2 adds MIDI capability to LSDJ and Nanoloop. The song “8_bit_ch_Audio8” on the “Thirdy” album was made entirely with LSDJ.

Connect a MIDI keyboard (piano) to the LSDJMC2, then connect the LSDJMC2 to a Gameboy (with the LSDJ game), and then the Gameboy sounds can be played by pressing the keys on the MIDI keyboard (piano).

For this custom LSDJMC2, Firestarter’s circuit schematic was used to design a printed circuit board (pcb). The pcb’s are white with black silkscreen. The case is clear so that the user can see the words on the silkscreen through the case. The names of the buttons and LEDs are on the pcb (silkscreen) instead of the case.

The blue version has 4 blue LED’s for the function indicators, and one red LED for the data indicator:

The red version has all red LED’s:

I don’t sell these. I made a few of each color, which were sold immediately after they were finished.

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