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Faceplate Removal for Numark PT01

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How to Remove the Numark PT01’s Metal Faceplate

Parts needed:
plastic pick, such as a guitar pick
plastic putty knife (any plastic putty knife from your local hardware store will work. Preferably, not more than a couple inches wide)

-always use plastic tools for the procedure to avoid faceplate and plastic housing does not get scratched
-the metal faceplate is applied to the plastic turntable housing with heavy double sided tape
-the adhesive sticks to the faceplate better than the housing, so there is little damage to the housing, when removed
-the plastic housing below the faceplate is black
-there is no need to paint or replace the faceplate, if a black faceplate is desired
-removing the faceplate exposes a spring and a hole for the spring, which is a good place to add a switch or knob
-the spring is attached to the housing with a single screw (no solder). Remove the screw to remove the spring.

-Remove the tonearm
1. See tonearm removal guide

-Start at the 45 Adapter
2. Starting at the 45 adapter hole, use a plastic pick and gently pry up the faceplate. The 45 adapter hole is a good place to start, because it doesn’t have a beveled edge to protect the faceplate.
3. Lift the corner of the faceplate from the 45 adapter hole enough to fit a second plastic pick or putty knife along the outer edge of the faceplate (see pic_1_45_adapter)


-Pry Outer Edge
4. Work around the outer edge of the faceplate. Be careful not to pry too far up, or the faceplate will bend (see pic_2_outer_edge)


-Pry Inner Faceplate
5. Use a plastic putty knife to pry the deeper sections of the faceplate, such as between the platter and the EQ controls (see pic_3_putty_knife)


-Lift Faceplate Off
5. Use your hands to lift/pry the faceplate the rest of the way off. Be careful not to cut your hands on the edge of the metal faceplate.

-Mount a Start/Stop switch in the Spring Hole (optional)
6. See start/stop switch guide