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Start/Stop Switch Install for Numark PT01

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Adds start/stop switch to the Numark PT01

Parts needed:
SPST (Push 0n – Push off) Switch

-any push on – push off or latching switch with a greater than ~300mA rating will work for this
-the switch listed above was used for this install
-if you remove the PT01 faceplate, this switch fits in the existing spring hole without drilling (remove the spring, which is attached internally with one screw)

-Remove the Existing Switch
1. Unsolder and remove the existing start/stop switch (see pic_1_remove_switch)


-Mount the New Switch
2. Mount the new switch in a preferred location (see pic_2_mounted switch). For this guide, the switch is mounted in the existing spring hole with the faceplate removed (see faceplate removal guide for instructions on removing the faceplate).

pic_2_mounted switch

-Solder Wires
3. Solder 2 wires to the existing switch PCB (see pic_3_add_wires)


4. Solder these wires to the new switch (see pic_4_connect_switch)