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3D Printed Tonearm Install

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Adds an m44-7 Compliant Tonearm to the Numark PT01

Parts needed:
3D printed tonearm
needle nose pliers

-connecting the shure m44-7 to a stock PT01 reduces audio output loudness (due to cartridge/preamp mismatch)
-the preamp mod is highly recommended for use with the m44-7, which boosts the m44-7 loudness
-this tonearm mod improves skating, when bouncing
-add platter bars for best bounce performance

-Remove Existing Tonearm
1. See tonearm removal guide

-Bend Small Wires
2. Bend the small wires to a 90 degree angle form the wire housing to make an “L” shape (see pic_1_L_shape_wire)


-Install wire
2. Starting at the back side of the tonearm, and place the thick insulated part of the wire in the trough of the tonearm.
3. Slide the thick part of the wire along the trough towards the headshell. Allow the small wires to pass through the tight restraint sections of the tonearm. Don’t pull on the small wires. Just push the thick part of the wire, and guide the small wires through the restraint (see pic_2_wire install)


4. Continue sliding the wire through the tonearm until the small wires reach the headshell (see pic_3_wire_install_2)


-Mount the Cartridge
5. Connect the m44-7 or preferred cartridge to the tonearm wires
6. Mount the m44-7 to the headshell, by placing the nut on the topside of the headshell, and the screw/washer on the cartridge side (see pic_4_mount_m447)


-Install the Tonearm (David) Axle Rod
7. Place the tonearm on the tonearm base
8. Push the side of the rod that does not have a star on it through the tonearm (see pic_5_install_rod)


9. Guide the rod through the tonearm, metal tonearm base of the turntable, and opposite side of the tonearm
10. Press fit the star side of the rod into the tonearm plastic using a needle nose pliers (pic_6_press_fit_rod)


-Install Rubber Band Counterweight
11. Wrap the rubber band around the headshell side of the tonearm, and slide it towards the tonearm base (see pic_7_add_rubber_band)


12. Wrap the rubber band around the metal tonearm base (not the plastic part of the tonearm), and pull towards the back (see pic_8_rubber_band_base)


13. Align the rubber band with the grooves on the back of the tonearm, and attach to a tonearm peg (see pic_9_rubber_band_peg)


14. Adjust rubber band tension to control counterweight (see 3D printed tonearm counterweight adjustment guide)

2 thoughts on “3D Printed Tonearm Install

  1. My current cartridge has 4 connecting wires. Looking at the cartridge bottom side up the order would be.

    Bottom left: BLUE
    Bottom right: GREEN
    Top left: RED
    Top right: WHITE

    Obviously the pt01 stock wires are only red/white/black. How do those plug into my cartridge?

    1. Tie white and red to left and right. The other 2 are tied together and attached to ground.

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