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Preamp Modification

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Adds a Pyle PP444 Preamp to the Numark PT01

Parts needed:
Pyle Pro PP444
-Hook-up wire for connections

-the 12V rechargeable battery mod is highly recommended for use with this preamp mod
-the rechargeable battery mod, which gets regulated by the PT01, will remove power supply noise injected into the preamp by unregulated 9V D cell batteries
-the rechargeable battery mod is not required if you only use the wall power supply (it is regulated by the PT01).

-Disassemble PP444
1. unbox pp444
2. remove 4 housing screws from the PP444 and remove cover
3. remove 2 PCB screws
4. remove 2 panel mount screws (screws by RCA connectors)
5. remove PCB from enclosure

-Connect Tonearm Wires to PP444 Input
6. On the PT01 PCB, unsolder tonearm wires from J8, J9, and J16 (L_in, GND, and R_in)
7. Solder these wires to the bottom side of the PP444 PCB. see pic_1_tonarm_wires_to_pp444


-Connect PP444 Output to Numark PT01 Input
8. On the PT01 PCB, remove the 4 mounting screws.
9. On the PT01 PCB, unsolder and remove capacitors C8 and C18. see pic_2_c8_c18, and pic3_c8_c18_removed


10. On the PT01 PCB, solder 3 new wires to the 3 locations shown in pic_4_PT01_input


11. On the bottom side of the PP444 PCB, solder these 3 wires to the location shown in pic_5_PP444_output


-Connect the 9V Power Supply of the PT01 to the PP444
12. On the bottom side of the PP444 PCB, solder 2 new wires to the location shown in pic_6_PP444_9V_power


13. On the bottom side of the PT01 PCB, connect these 2 wires to pins 2 and 3 of TE11. see pic_7_PT01_9V_output


-Quick Test Before Final Install
14. Reassemble the turntable (no need for screws) and test for functionality. Use the wall power supply to power the PT01.

-Final install
15. Hot glue all of the new solder points. This acts as a strain relief for the wires.
16. Reinstall the PT01 PCB with 4 screws
17. Wrap the PP444 PCB with electrical tape or polyimide (kapton) tape (see pic_8_PP444_tape). This is to avoid any potential shorts between the PP444 PCB, and the PT01


18. Set the PP444 PCB on top of the PT01 PCB (see pic_9_PP444_location),with the RCA connectors of the PP444 PCB facing the battery compartment.


19. Reassemble the turntable.

Extra credit:
-On the PP444 PCB, remove all of the large connectors (RCA, etc.). This is not required, but will make it much smaller. This will make step 19 easier.

15 thoughts on “Preamp Modification

  1. You should add in that you need 3 new wires in the “parts needed’ section.

    1. Agreed. Added hook-up wire to parts.

  2. Is there a decent cartridge that wouldn’t require this amp? Like an ortofon perhaps?

    1. I don’t know of any ceramic carts that are pro quality. If you find one, then you may not need to do the preamp mod.

  3. I noticed you didn’t mention a couple of connectors that hold the body and back cover together after unscrewing. Should we assume you just disconnected them and reconnected them before putting the back cover back on? From the video, it almost looks like you didn’t reconnect them. Thanks.

    1. Yes. Anything not mentioned should remain the same.

  4. Thanks for the DIY! Is there a specific reason why you removed those particular capacitors? I tried the same mod with my handy trax and the only problem I’m dealing with is a bad reading when I’m calibrating on Serato. Vinyl sounds good but I have a little hiss and hum. All my grounds look pretty decent. I just have no clue which capacitors I need to remove off my circuit board.

    1. Those caps are removed to isolate the original preamp from the circuit. Removing them doesn’t add any ground benefit.

      Not sure on the the Handy.

  5. Thanks for the advice! I figured I had too by pass the original preamp. Would you be able to locate the right capacitors just by viewing a circuit board?

  6. Hey there, I did this Mod on the PT01 Scratch and I am not getting any sound now. Is this going to be the same as the PT01 since they are technically different?

    1. The are almost exactly the same. I made a new preamp for the PT01. I should have a few available by the end of the year. It’s a better preamp, and the mod is a lot cleaner.

  7. Awesome tutorials Flesh O.N.E. Thank you.

    After installing the Pyle preamp with M44-7, the signal fades in and out intermittently. I’m running it on the D.C. Power adapter too. The power lights fades when the sound does.

    Any suggestions?

    1. That isn’t normal. I would check all of your soldering connections. Hit them all again.

      Also, make sure you insulate the board and any exposed wire. Something could be shorting.

  8. Thank you for your modification tutorials. A quick query, can I use a Pyle PP999 instead of the PP444? (I cannot locate PP444 in the UK but can get a PP999) Would the connections be the same in principle? I have an Ion Quick Play LP rather than the PT01 as they are difficult to come by. I can again imagine the principle of the mod is the same. I will be adding a battery mod at the same time. Any guidance is appreciated. Thank you.

    1. I don’t have a pp999 or an ion quick play.
      You’d have to figure out where those nodes are on your devices, and make sure the power supply requirements are the same.

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