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Start/Stop Switch Install for Numark PT01

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Adds start/stop switch to the Numark PT01

Parts needed:
SPST (Push 0n – Push off) Switch

-any push on – push off or latching switch with a greater than ~300mA rating will work for this
-the switch listed above was used for this install
-if you remove the PT01 faceplate, this switch fits in the existing spring hole without drilling (remove the spring, which is attached internally with one screw)

-Remove the Existing Switch
1. Unsolder and remove the existing start/stop switch (see pic_1_remove_switch)


-Mount the New Switch
2. Mount the new switch in a preferred location (see pic_2_mounted switch). For this guide, the switch is mounted in the existing spring hole with the faceplate removed (see faceplate removal guide for instructions on removing the faceplate).

pic_2_mounted switch

-Solder Wires
3. Solder 2 wires to the existing switch PCB (see pic_3_add_wires)


4. Solder these wires to the new switch (see pic_4_connect_switch)


13 thoughts on “Start/Stop Switch Install for Numark PT01

  1. if I were to install a LED latching switch, would that be possible? how would i go about it?

  2. In pic 3 is the middle pin (without cable) the ground?
    I’m trying to use a taster instead of a switch

    1. No, that pin is unused. I’m not sure what a taster is, but you’d have to use a gnd from the main PCB.

  3. Well Hell I think I messed this simple task up pretty big lol…

    On the PC12P025D I basically over heated the soldering point and it came off along with most of the lead that embedded on the circuit board… Is there any way I can salvage this my dude?

    1. Am I just able to bypass the circuit board the original start/stop switch was mounted to and just directly connect them to the red and red/white wired and get the same effect?

    2. For sure. Just solder your wires to the soldered pins that the traces lead to, instead.

      1. Just saw your reply but i really appreciate it!

  4. Hi,

    Can I do this as well with PT01-S?
    No, need for an additional relay?

    Please help,


    1. Yes. You only need relays for momentary switches.

  5. About to dive into this. I have a couple SPDT – Momentary mini switch, contacts rated at 3A at 125 VAC/1A at 250VAC.

    Also have SPDT mini push On/off switch rated the same as above.

    If I understand the momentary requires a relay? What is that?

    1. I only have a tutorial for latching switches posted. It does great for portables.

      The momentary switch mod is more complicated and requires an additional control circuit.
      It can also perform poorly, depending on how well the control circuit is designed.
      For example, it may not work at slow ultrapitch speeds due to the low supply voltage.

      1. Thanks for your input. I’m shuffling my feet on the mods. I don’t have any soldering experience. I’m worried I’ll mess something up.
        My Pops is really good with that so I have someone to teach me.

        I’ll look for the proper switch (OpenFormat) but really want something smaller if poss. In the mean time, is there a progression of upgrades that you follow? ie – need to do pre-amp before going to a magnetic cartridge. What order would you recommend for what I want to do?

        sound board
        stop start
        speaker replacement (pt01scratch)
        tone arm / pre amp

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