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  1. looking good! thanks for the link to my site!

  2. Was wondering the cost on one of those 06 faceplates. They are heat. If you could let me know that would be awesome. Thanks

    1. I have a few left. I’ll email you.

  3. do you still have faceplates for the vestax 06?

    1. Let me know how the black one works out for you. Send me pics if you can. I’d love to see it.

  4. I would like a plate for my 06.
    Can you tell me how much and does it come with artwork or can i provide?

    We follow each other on IG! LOL.


    1. Hey Mike, just saw this. Let me know when you receive it!!

  5. Hi, just wondering if you finished this software clone of SP 12. I was very excited when i heard attached audio examples, and now wanna get this ASAP)). Please send/sell me one copy if you have finished this programm.

    Thanks in advance.

  6. This would be perfect for bringing my pmc06 back to life any faceplate would be good are ther any left

  7. Arms looks so ill!

    1. thanks homie!

  8. Hello…just a quick question…. i recieved your platter bars (tall) and it came with a resistor and a 12v plug…are these extras for other mods?

    1. Yessir!! They are extras for early support.

      The 12V plug is for the rechargeable battery mod, and the resistor is for the ultrapitch mod.

      1. sweeeet…and i dont mean to be a humbug…but i noticed that on the page it says that it comes with 2 sets..(4 bars)..i only received 1 set..2 bars…

        1. 4 bars means 4 steel bars. There are 2 black pieces of plastic, with 4 steel bars.

          1. cool…would u suggest 4 platter pieces in a turntable? or does two do the job

  9. Will you be having any more platter bars for sale?

    1. Yes, as soon as I get more made… they take some time to build up. Thanks!

  10. We were conversating on YouTube. I was the guy mentioned I saw d styles pt 01 mod. Was also wondering about the platter bars. I don’t wanna purchase anything till I can get all at the same time. So stoked to get this stuff when you have it all. HURRY UP!!!!!! hahahahaha!!!! Glad I found your site and products

    1. Are you on instagram? I update on there when there is platter bar stock (@flesh_one).

  11. Hey Flesh-one, I’m actually in the market to buy a 3d printer… I know you mentioned that you were putting the platter bars on hold because you were doing the tone arms first… Would you be interested in passing along the platter bar plans for 3d printing? Maybe I can help you out in producing them….

    1. Thanks for the offer. I work alone…

      1. Ok cool, how can we preorder the platter bars for the Numark PT01?

        1. I don’t do preorders. I update on instigram (@flesh_one), when they are posted.

          I just posted some, now.

          1. Yo homie I’ve been watching your Instagram and it’s paid off!!!!! Thanks for the product. Gonna order another tone arm when there’s more selection. I’m just suggesting how about a blue white piled combo!!!!!! That would be too much for the eyes!!!!! Unless you already did that combo then I want it!!!!!

          2. Blue,White,Silver

          3. Hey sorry for messaging so many times. Was late night when I ordered the platter bars and tonearm. Curious to know what specific rubberbands you use for the tonearm so I could get the same ones up here in Canada. Also what specific kind of oil do you use for the platter bars to reduce the rubbing and so I don’t pick the wrong oil that would eat away at plastic. Hopefully these aren’t dumb questions. Stoked on getting my stuff from you!!!!! Oh ya I still think that silver blue white combo would look sick for a tonearm. Would want that for one turntable and your marble red one for the other!!!!

          4. I ship a bunch of rubberbands with the tonearm. You’re covered.

            A few people have suggested different platter bar grease. I started with Detox lube, which came with the innofader.
            I’m using silicon grease from Home Depot. It shows up in a few different brand names. Link here…
            Silicon Grease

            I made a blue plastic with black/white paint. It’s one of my favorites, so I kept it. Thanks for the suggestion. I’ll make some more with silver.

  12. Hey man. Love your work. Anychance on any international shipping being available any time soon? Thanks

    1. I can ship if the order is over $100 USD, plus shipping

  13. where can I purchase the 3D printed tone arm clip?

    1. I only ship them with tonearms. I don’t have them up on the site for individual sale. Did you break one?

  14. I’m in SJ as well…do you do mods/installs?

  15. Hi,
    I’m wondering if you do (paid, or course) installation of parts and mods. I am local and would love to have many of the modifications done to my PT-01 but lack the know-how, tools or time. This is my third attempt at contact.

    1. I don’t do mods for people. It’s too time consuming.

      1. Totally get that, thanks for the reply.

  16. hi

    I do not order just France ?, I am too sad ….really

    1. I can ship international for orders over $100. Email me with what you need. If I have stock, I’ll send you an invoice. Thanks.

  17. Please. Or it can not be shipped to Japan?

    1. I can ship international for orders over $100. Email me a list of whan you need, and I’ll send you a paypal invoice. Thanks.

  18. Hi mate,

    The tonearm you make, also works for Vestax Handy Trax, right?
    I’m really interested on it, for my Vestax handy Trax, please let me know if works. Actually I found you cause I saw the Handy trax of DJ Brace with the tonearm, but i don’t know if is a different one or you don’t make it for handy trax anymore.

    1. I don’t make them for the Handy. They are using the same tonearm I make for the Numark. It fits the base, but you won’t be able to fit the lid on anymore.

      I haven’t tried it myself.

  19. Hello i want to order platter bar tall but I live in Vienna Land Austria the next problem is that I have no PayPal or credit card is it possible to ship to Austria and pay over bank transfer or in the worst case I send the money in a letter. I need this gadget and this site is the only one who produce this please give me the chance to get it or have you info were I can get it on a other site. Please give me an answer to my email and I send you my name Adrea’s phone number and all other info you need. My mail is
    Special thanks to you and best greets from Vienna Peter

  20. Platter Bar – SHORT

    Hey man, I’ve got the PT01 non usb and really want to grab one of the platter bars.
    Can you hook me up?

    1. I’ve been working on a new version of the short platter bar. There is a ton of platter height variation in the older models, so it’s been difficult.

  21. Hello,
    I bought the PT01 Scratch 2 Days ago but the cell laché me already, I’ve already bought but I would also change the arm and can be customize something else to be comfortable .
    What do you recommend ?
    Thank you

    1. I don’t understand what you’re asking. Please try again.

  22. Hello,
    I bought the PT01 Scratch 2 Days ago but the cell already works, I have already bought but I’d also changed the turntable of tonearm and can customize anything else to be comfortable.
    What do you recommend ?
    Thank you

  23. Will you have more platter bars and skipless bracelets anytime soon?

    1. They are up, now.

  24. Any idea when you might have the tall platter bars and black or red tonearms in stock? I’m following on IG already and checking this site daily. I’d like to get everything to mod my table at one time if possible. Thanks for your time, this site, and your contributions to the scratch world.

    1. I just posted more bars, but I don’t have any reds, yet. I’ll work on some.

  25. Hit me up on gmail….

  26. Peace, Flesh!

    What do you recommend for soldering? (Never done this before, too! Thankfully, I have two Numark PT01’s, lol)

    Just wondering what you think of this one that I found off of Amazon:

    Thanks again!


    1. That’s a loaded question…

      You’d probably be fine with that kit for a couple mods, but here are some recommendations:

      You don’t need that solder sucker, the sponge for cleaning, or that type of stand (that stand is dangerous).

      Those 60W irons are probably fine, but they are really cheap. A decent 60W iron is around $100 (Weller). Adjustable temp (not required) with stand is around $160.

      If you want to go the $20 route (which may be fine), get one with a better stand. Maybe not this iron, but this type of stand:

      Don’t use a wet sponge to clean the solder from the iron. Instead, get a cheap steel wool scrubber, and set it on the stand where that sponge sits. Just stick the iron tip in the wool, and twist it back and forth a couple times. Don’t use water.
      Like this, or from target or anywhere:

      For desoldering, you want to use solder wick. Set the wick on top of the solder you want to remove, then set your iron on top of the wick. The solder will suck into the wick, leaving a much cleaner surface than with the solder sucker:

      Let me know how it goes!!

  27. Hi friend,
    Is it possible for you to ship in france?
    i can’t find no platter bars here.
    That would be dope.
    best regards.

    1. Openformat ships international. They should be able to help. Thanks!

  28. would it be possible to send a package to belgium? i would like a white tonearm :p that would be dope!!! thanks

    1. Thanks! I only ship international for orders over $100. But, openformat ships international.


    1. I have not plans on making more short bars. There is too much height variation with the older models.

  30. Hi, any idea when the platter bars and pre amp will be back in stock? And can i just use a PP444 preamp from Amazon for the PT01 Scratch or do i need a special one…

    1. I have tall platter bars. I just updated stock.

      I’m working on an updated preamp. Lower cost, less parts, etc.. It will still be a few weeks.

      You do not need my preamp for the mod. You can use the pp444. My board is just smaller and easier to install.

  31. I have several questions about the mods. Is there any chance I could talk to you on the phone? Thanks! -Luke

    1. Sorry, I don’t do phone support. I just don’t have enough freetime.

  32. Good day, can the tall platter bar work on the Pt-01(Non USB)? I need a platter stabilizer and I’m not sure if it works on mines

    1. They are too tall for the non-USB turntables.

  33. Hi, do you sell also faceplate for numark pt 01? Thanks

    1. I don’t. Check out 12 inch skinz:

  34. hi , it’s possible a restock for Platter Bar – TALL for numark pt01 usb ??

    1. They are up now. Thanks!

  35. Hi and good day

    Please let me know, Total price for the following item with shipping cost to dubai UAE

    Tone arm black
    Platter bar
    3d plate freshhh

    Thank you

    1. I emailed you pricing. Thanks!

  36. Hi, can you ship to spain?

    Thank You

    1. I can for orders over $100.
      Email me your paypal email address, and your order. I will send you a paypal invoice.


  37. Hello, apologies if this is a dumb question but are any of your mod parts compatible with the PT01 Touring edition? Cheers!

    1. It’s not a dumb question. You’d think that the PT01 touring was similar to the PT01, because they share the same name. But, they are very different. Different platter, different tonearm, different case, different electronics…

      I don’t have a PT01 touring, so I haven’t done mods for it. Guys have put my tonearm on there, but I haven’t done it myself.

  38. Hi, I have a Numark PT01 Scratch where I installed the Jesse Dean JDDX2RS.
    I would like to buy the Nanofader v1.2 but I have some doubts:

    – Can I use the JDDX2RS with Nanofader? If yes, how can I connect it?

    – Does the Nanofader have a cutting curve adjustment such as Vestax or Rane Mixers?

    Many thanks in advance
    Best regards

    1. This is a loaded question.

      Yes, it will work, but it’s not required if you have a pt01 scratch. The scratch has a nanofader-like circuit that helps with the fader pop. The nanofader works better (less pop) and has basskill, but it isn’t required.

      Regarding your cutoff question: the JDDX2RS is a contact fader, which has a break in the fader circuit to create the cutoff. It’s like a contact version of the focus fader.
      So, there is no way to control the cutoff curve of that fader. It’s just on and off (or high and low, in this case).

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